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Kiss That World Podcast | Sustainability + Conservation + Environmentalism

Nov 6, 2018

Meghann reflects on how she got to a year in podcasting, and answers some guest questions at the end. Some other topics I get into on this episode are the events of my life in the last 10 years including; immigration, competetive swimming, marriage, divorce, reuniting with my biological parents, working at a tropical fish store, as an organic farmer, my time at the zoo and a little about my childhood.

Tessa Bain Wants to know:
Do I have a twin?
How do you get your skin so glowy?
Have I ever eaten bark to be closer to nature?
I have seen (felt) you pee in the ocean, can you talk about the environmental impacts of peeing in the ocean?

Mel Eiser wants to know:
What are the 5 things I've learned   

K8o Jones of Food Hero's Podcast Wants to know:
How do you find your guests?
 What are my best tips for climate change warriors based on one year of podcasting?

Eve at Rewanted Bags:
If you had a slogan or mantra what would it be? 

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